Ulysses Grant and Robert Lee Compare and Contrast Essay

Grant advocated the establishment of the bourgeois order in the former slave states and, in this regard, was a supporter of the granting of voting rights to blacks. However, he was opposed to the allotment of land to the former slaves. Grant’s inconsistency and hesitation contributed much to the fall of Republican governments in the South and the rise of former slaveholders to power in the Southern states. During the years of Grant’s presidency, numerous stock market speculations took place, and corruption was widespread. In many of the unseemly machinations, people from Grant’s inner circle were involved. The Vicksburg victory glorified General Grant in the camp of the northerners and provided him with a good career path. He received command of the so-called Mississippi division and achieved another success in the civil war, lifting the siege from the city of Chattanooga with decisive offensive actions. The Confederate troops who besieged him hurriedly retreated without getting involved in a large field battle.

The Main Aspects of Robert Lee Popularity

To write the best grant and lee compare and contrast essay, it is recommended to get acquainted with his way to success as well or go to educibly.com. Like many would-be commanders of the army of the South, Lee was not a supporter of the secession of the southern states. Just at the beginning of the conflict, on March 28, he was promoted to colonel in the federal army. When asked who he would support in case of war, he replied: “I will never raise arms against the Union, but I may have to take up a musket to protect my home state, Virginia, in which case I will try not to be cowardly.” However, on the same day he turned down an offer to become a commander in the Confederate army. Despite the impeccable service and heroism and courage shown during the war, Lee’s career growth was extremely slow. He received assignments to the most remote and wilder places, painfully feeling alienated from home and family. He has repeatedly stressed that the main thing in his life is the love of his wife and children.

What Is the Biggest Similarity Between the Greatest Leaders?

The biggest similarity that can be researched on the grant and lee compare and contrast essay is that they were both great civil war generals:

  • they had a great deal of passion for what they were fighting for;
  • they constantly demand war, against negotiations, against concessions to the enemy;
  • they constantly arrange putsches and conspiracies and overthrow peace-loving presidents.

The southerners were headed by Robert Edward Lee, and the northerners were Ulysses Simpson Grant, or Hiram Ulysses Grant, if you like. Simplifying as much as possible the complex tangle of contradictions in the then American society, we can say that the southerners advocated the continuation of the use of slave labor, but the northerners – for its abolition. It looks all the more paradoxical that the commander-in-chief of the Confederation, General Lee, was a conscious opponent of slavery and gave freedom to all his slaves, but Grant had slaves, although he received them as an inheritance from his wife’s relatives.